The Manifestation of Two Visions – United

Owners Mike Parker and Ann Cowperthwaite shared studio space in downtown Raleigh’s Boylan Heights neighborhood for many years before falling in love and combining their artisan efforts to form Eidolon Designs. In 1998, Ann and Mike joined their two businesses, broadening Eidolon’s scope and re-confirming the mission of quality, design, and craftsmanship. They further committed in marriage in 2001.


Ann Cowperthwaite is a sculptor, teacher, and affable personality. She is the voice to the vision, helping you understand how we can accomplish your goals. In naming Eidolon, she set the precedent of integrity with which we apply ourselves. Ann is paramount in building Eidolon’s strong relationship with the design and arts community in Raleigh. She is the heart of design and the masterful liaison between the client and the shop.


Mike Parker studied engineering at NC State and maintained Mike Parker Cabinetry for twenty years before expanding his scope to integrate diverse projects and materials. His thoroughness and sense of responsibility result in an unprecedented attention to detail. As an engineer, Mike matches complex systems with forethought to ensure every project is precisely what the client envisions. Mike breaks new ground by engineering solutions to diverse design challenges on a daily basis and lives by the mantra, “It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge.”


Eidolon Designs has 90+ years of combined experience and technical expertise. Mike and Ann lead a 3-year apprenticeship program to continue a lasting tradition of handmade, heirloom-quality work.