Eidolon’s Commitment to Material Integrity

At Eidolon, we spend a great deal of time considering and selecting the best materials to guarantee longevity for every project. Material manufacture is ever changing, which is a challenge to keep up with, but extremely important to ensuring quality. This is an essential part of the service we provide in producing quality work.

Hardwoods and Sheet Goods

Sustainability is integral to the values of Eidolon Designs.
We use locally and regionally sourced hardwoods and sheet goods, including plywood, melamine, and MDF. We steer clear of Chinese materials, as quality is variable and there are no viable verifications of formaldehyde levels in these products (US sheet goods are tested).
All of our hardwoods are either locally sourced or harvested from sustainably managed forests. We track all of our grades in our studio, keeping a current copy of the Hardwoods Association manual, following guidelines pertaining to every hardwood selection. If you would like to learn more about hardwoods and hardwood grading, follow this link to American Hardwoods Lumber Grades.
Our reclaimed lumber is typically pine or oak, and is regionally sourced, and kiln-dried when possible to kill pests and stabilize pitch.
(Murphy Ply, an American product, is very cost effective, but not used by Eidolon. The inner cores are fir, harvested in Oregon and Washington State. Fir is coarse-grained, soft and hard, which causes “telegraphing,” meaning it swells and shrinks creating an uneven finish surface. Quite often there are also “voids” created by knots falling out during production, which weakens the product. We choose to use ply constructed of poplar or similar substrates.)


Eidolon has access to many varieties of gorgeous hardwood and exotic veneers, either laid up on substrates per our specifications by the manufacturer, or laid up here in our studio. We are adept at splicing, joining, adhering, and repairing voids as to be nearly invisible.


We do not always purchase the most popular brands; rather we look for the brands that most closely fit the function while guaranteeing years of top-notch performance. Hardware is also graded, and re-engineering is on going. We watch these changes carefully. No one wants a beautiful piece of furniture that requires constant adjustment of the doors or drawers, or having to cope with drawer slides that perform poorly.
We will always help direct clients to excellent sources for furniture pulls, but we do not make the final selections, as this is a very personal design choice.

Integrated Materials

Eidolon is frequently challenged to produce products that require materials other than wood. We have built trusted relationships with accomplished fabricators across the region for over 35 years, and they have learned to trust that our specifications will live within their industry standards. We collaborate on engineering techniques to fit the desired outcome, and often we provide the jigs required to hold the tight tolerances Eidolon always produces, and are usually higher than their normal production standard tolerances.
  • Carbon Steel, Stainless, Bronze, Brass
  • Machining, welding, forming
  • Glass, including Stained Glass and Painted Glass
  • Plastics, including Laminates and Linoleums


Finishing is as custom as design and engineering. It is a science, and requires constant study and testing. There is no perfect finish, but the industry is moving forward with products that are clearer, longer lasting, and free of hazardous chemicals. Eidolon is committed to vendors who are actively practicing the research and manufacture of products that are environmentally safe.
The finishes we use are dictated by the function of the work we are creating and the expectations of the client. At any given time, there are as many as 20 different clear finishes in our cabinet. Every product has specific application instructions for application, curing times, color, sheen, and bonding compatibility with other finishes. We are methodical about finishing, and pay close attention to these standards.
Paints and stains are all custom color matched, and samples are always provided for approval of the client.


The same can be said about our array of various adhesives as was said about our finishes. We maintain a large variety of adhesives, each with specific application instruction for specific function. Proper adhesive use is paramount to insuring longevity.