Eidolon Designs is a team of craftsmen and designers lead by husband-and-wife Mike Parker and Ann Cowperthwaite. We specialize in custom designed high-quality furniture, special architectural projects, and millwork for clients who value the personal over the manufactured. Handmade in our downtown Raleigh studio.
Mike uses his creative engineering and fabrication expertise to assure structural integrity, Ann her thoughtful visual articulation to assure beautiful presentation, and our craftsman their skill to create products designed to last a lifetime.
This is our way: just a few artisans with a passion for our craft. Creating by hand takes a measurable part of our lives and we like it this way.  The integrity of our process will always take precedence over expediency.


Every project that comes into the Eidolon studio is addressed with multi-focused attention. After many years in the business, we know that we must have a firm grasp of the installation conditions and the environment in which the piece will reside, as this informs every other decision made about our custom hand-made process.
Our considerations do not change with the scale of the project. Whether for a large commercial space, an intimate home, or a space in-between, Eidolon craftsman are problem solvers. We are committed to approaching every decision intentionally as we continue to refine our craft. Read more about our Services.


Eidolon Designs is committed to environmental sustainability. We maintain a philosophy of responsibility and do this by making conscious choices in our personal and working lives. The little things add up.
The studio is heated by a wood stove. Project materials are selected mindfully and are sourced locally when available. Hardwoods are harvested from certified tree farms. Sheet goods are formaldehyde-free. Only non-toxic waterborne finishes are used. Read more about our Materials.
Ann and Mike’s eco-conscious home is heated by a wood stove, powered by a solar roof, and watered through a gray-water collection system. They also grow organic fruits and vegetables in their garden, from which Ann makes a wonderful ginger-carrot soup.
Eidolon is committed to:
  • Source hardwoods harvested from certified tree farms
  • Ensure sheet goods are free of formaldehydes
  • Use non-toxic, high-performance waterborne finishes.

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