Shaun Bennett


Shaun honed in his skills with wood through a 25 year apprenticeship. Working side by side with his father, he learned the techniques and  philosophy of  fine craftsmanship.  Shaun continues to expand his dedication to the art of woodworking at Eidolon,  having established himself as a quick learner capable of handling the onslaught of details that accompany every project and work day.   His steady, quiet nature belies a quick and ready wit that keeps us wondering when the next slam dunk will come—because it surely will.     In his spare time, hBlogs about the practice of Marquetry.  As he told us early on, woodworking consumes him;  always has, and we are willing to bet, always will. -shaun[at]


Elkins, West Virginia


San Pellegrino Limonata, Marquetry, and 100.5 fm


No. Would probably mess up his living room workbench.


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