Kitchen + Pantry Project


This beautiful and expansive kitchen was a design collaboration between the homeowners and Sarah Chavez Kitchen Designs. Every fabrication detail was a collaboration between the homeowners and Eidolon. Each cabinet run is a single unit structure, achieving clean, level reveals at floor and ceiling. Eidolon integrated the faucet and sink to be hidden when not in use. An acrylic enamel emulsion was used for all painted surfaces.

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Why Choose Eidolon?

We believe in the work produced by our hands - as informed by decades of experience and continued discovery through practice. The integrity of structure, often unseen, is as essential to us as the beauty of each finished piece. We thrive on unique challenges and attention to quality is our measure, and our tradition.

Eidolon Designs has been creating work in our downtown Raleigh studio since 1984. We hand-build fine furniture, historic-to-modern millwork, and sculpture - for architects, designers, and individuals. While each design collaboration is unique, our goal is always the same: to integrate design, function, and artistry.

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