Grifols Reception Desk

Eidolon Designs has been hard at work to complete a unique project for Grifols Pharmaceutical office in Research Triangle Park. This project, a 20′ reception desk with 3′  glass cantilever designed by Alicia Hylton-Daniel of HagerSmith Design presented a number of structural considerations that had to be addressed due to the chosen materials: 3/8″ annealed glass, 8″x4′ porcelain tiles, stainless steel, and laminate.
Glass and porcelain are susceptible to thermal expansion, which poses a risk to both surfaces. Even minute expansion could potentially shatter either material from additional pressure if they were to come into hard contact with each other. We fabricated a control joint and an isolation strip intended to spread the point load to account for any possible movement.
 All of the electrical wiring including the conduit was done to code within the structure of the box to maintain a seamless aesthetic. To support the weight of the cantilever, which is nearly 400 lbs, the box beneath it is structured with steel and drilled directly to the floor. This support structure is completely rigid with the rest of the wall, which incorporates 10 load points distributing the weight across the entire 17’ wall. The upper arm that reaches across the cantilever actually has a flex point at the inner corner, and is attached to the glass box by two 4” holes through the glass allowing for attachment bolts. These bolts can be removed, the arm flexed, and the entire box slid out without disturbing the rest of the desk wall if repair is ever required.
The substructure, a box-beam, is leveled and flat to within 1/32” over 17’, so that when the upper glass and its steel sub-structure are  set on top, an incredibly “straight-as-an-arrow edge” is displayed.
The desk structure and cantilever box were assembled in our studio and the glass was applied to the cantilever faces prior to transporting to the site. In order to safely move the glass cantilever with ease Mike fabricated handles on the ends of the box structure so it could be easily lifted and moved. Once on site and in place, the handles were removed and the end glass panels were installed.
The considerations for structure and fabrication were worked out by Eidolon Designs, with collaboration from the folks at  Carolina Glass, who provided and installed all the glass panels. Replacability of the glass ensures the longevity and functionality of such an expansive piece.  This is the hallmark of Eidolons’ engineering and deign process when working to achieve the design goal.
Below are a few photos from the cantilever installation.
Final install photos with the porcelain tile work completed and powder coated steel counter installed.
We are so proud to have been a part of this project and enjoyed the challenges and aesthetics it posed. Huge thanks to Bill Hilliard of HillCon Development, who was general contractor on site, HagerSmith Design, and Carolina Glass and Mirror.