We have the privilege to work on beautiful and challenging projects with talented builders, designers, and architects. Here is an annotated list to illustrate the quality of our partnerships.
R.N. Rouse & Co
Ed Davis Building
Northgate Group
Skanska Corporation
CadCo Construction
SPS Corporation
Szostak Group LLC
Empire Properties
McLean Building
Caviness & Sons
Tyson-Lewis Ventures
Williams Realty
Design Lines LTD
Richard Hall Design
Alfred Williams
Alicia Hylton-Daniel
Don Dosky Design
Kay Jordan Design
Palley & Sutthard Design
Dunnigan Design
Sarah Chavez Design
Merideth Boswell
Kristen Thompson Design
Frank Harmon Architect
John Reese, Architect
Alphin Design Build
Osterlund Architecture
New City Design
Bill Hopkins, Architect
Greg Flynn, Architect
Michael Stevenson
Rhonda Angerio

Client Testimonials


Neville Devlaliwalla

Public Speaker and Motivator

“Eidolon Designs exemplifies craftsmanship and fine wood working. Mike and Ann take the time to truly understand what their customers vision is, and then translate that into ‘one of a kind’ furniture. They scale seamlessly from large whole house projects, to individual rooms and down to single pieces of furniture. Quality is always of paramount importance to them. Whether you are an architect, designer, builder, contractor or individual, their service is dedicated, concise and of consistently high craftsmanship. You will not be disappointed with anything they work on.”

Michael Stevenson

Architect / Jacobs

“I would like to offer this wholehearted (and unsolicited) recommendation to Mike Parker and Eidolon Designs to anyone considering their servces for custom furniture or woodwork. Mike and his company built and exquisite dining table for my wife and I–both architects–and we are simply thrilled with the result. With minimal drawings, a few dimensions, and a photograph Mike interpreted our design intent and expertly created a beautifully crafted and elegantly detailed piece of furniture that we will value for our lifetimes. During the entire process, Mike demonstrated his wealth of technical expertise, his artistic sensibility, and infinite patience in helping us to achieve the final result we envisioned. He also performed in an entirely businesslike and professional manner, delivering the table on schedule for the agreed-upon price. I will be enthusiastically recommending his services to any clients of mine who need custom woodworking of any nature with confidence that they will be as happy with their experience with Eidolon Designs as we are.”

Kristen Thompson

/ Kristen Thompson Design

“Eidolon Designs will continue to receive my highest recommendation to my clients for all of their custom furniture and cabinetry needs. Eidolon transforms my vision and two-dimensional sketches into exquisitely crafted sculptural pieces. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident an their passion, expertise and attention to detail give me every confidence in their ability to deliver the highest quality work available.”

Megan Patnaik

/ BuildSense

“Just wanted to say thank you for the masterful work that you executed in taking the lines that I drew on paper into a reality. It was a pleasure to go through this process with the two of you. Hope to have this experience with the two of you again sometime in the near future.”

Terry Blanken


“There is a whole lot that went into our cabinets that I am unaware of and that I know I can’t adequately appreciate. What truly ‘wows’ my untrained eye are the amazing burled oak doors (and the wonderful way the two doors are mirror images of each other), the phenomenal patterned doors that slide over our desks, and the cerused finish that adds so much to the unit’s appeal in the study. So much to delight!”

Judy Pickett

Interior Designer/Owner / Design Lines Ltd.

“Eidolon Design is one of the best when it comes to quality, workmanship and design.”

Adryon Clay

Farming Professional

“Meals taken at this table are a gracious and welcome affair and the table itself is as significant a part of this occurrence as the food prepared and the company enjoyed. In short, Ann, well, well done. The shape is perfect and many people have admired the zebrawood…It is perfect!”