Ann Cowperthwaite, Co-owner

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Ann Cowperthwaite, MFA, spent years teaching drawing and 2 & 3 dimensional design, while continuing to create sculpture.  The entrepreneurial spirit grabbed hold in 1995, with the desire to build prototypes for products of elegant design and function, while mixing medias of wood, stone, and steel. She named the business Eidolon, meaning a vision worthy of manifestation, to inspire and hold her to a high standard of creativity and intention.

In 1998, Ann and Mike joined their two businesses, broadening Eidolon’s scope and re-confirming the mission of quality, design, and craftsmanship. They further committed in marriage in 2001.

Contact Ann at ann[at] to discuss your custom project.



Bradenton, Florida


Yoga before sunrise, running her '92 Mercedes on waste oil, singing, and cooking with fresh ingredients grown by Mike and New Grass Gardens... (not to mention Escazu Chocolates)


Yup, a dog named "Missy."

"Kathleen Murphy"


“I have hired [Eidolon Designs] to design and build a table, a shelf and small decorative platter. [Their] design work and professionalism exceeded all expectations. Ann is an honest, sincere and hard working designer, artist and professional. Strongly recommend.”


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