140 West Franklin



Eidolon has just wrapped up a project with BuildSense for a client in the new 140 West Franklin condos on Franklin Street. This project involved a variety of complicated casework components, one in the living room and another in the study, that had to be constructed with precise detail in order to be successful. When the architect, Megan Patnaik, presented her vision she emphasized three components as integral to creating the seamless aesthetic that the client sought: material thicknesses and their presentation, their relationship to adjacent surfaces, and their proximity to other elements in the house.
One of the most challenging design aspects of this project was the intersection of elements in the living room piece, which features a large flat screen television mounted above two EcoSmart bioethanol burning fire pits. These fireplaces produce heat, carbon dioxide, and a small amount of water vapor and steam which are damaging to the finish of the large custom media cabinet we produced to suspend above it. To avoid potential corrosion to the cabinet we engineered a ventilation system in the chase behind the television. When the interior of the chase reaches 88 degrees whisper-quiet fans engage and push air out of a ⅛” gap between the bottom of the cabinet and the top of the fireplace, blowing the heat and vapor away from the cabinet to preserve the finish. Additional materials were added to ensure the cabinet was fully heat and fire resistant.
An additional challenge to this piece was locating a single rare burl veneer of sufficient height to produce a set of 5’5″ x 3’6″ doors. The extensive preparation required of the burl for veneering, the weight of the doors, the hidden tracks, and veneer finish were other intricate aspects of a seemingly simple presentation.
For the study units we engineered and fabricated concealed sliding hardware that allows the doors to be pulled down when the desk is not in use. It was imperative to the architect that all of the units be flush with the sidewalls as well as the hallway opening that the units traverse. Since walls are rarely set perfectly straight and the cabinets are, we built up a corner wall so that their installation would be exactly to the client’s request.


As a business what we value most is the service of bringing a vision to fruition. To achieve this we have built our client relationship on listening. Our design process is communicative. What this means for us is a thorough discussion about the obvious and not so obvious issues so that they are addressed. Sometimes it means three orders of lumber because the quality isn’t quite right. Sometimes it means late nights on the iPad reading about chemical reactions.  In the end what it means for the client is seeing their vision, their Eidolon, brought to life.